My Shoulder Workout




Trained shoulders yesterday and arms today.  I’ve already posted my arm workout so I’ll just post what I did yesterday for shoulders 😉

  • Front Raise with dumbbells, super set with smith machine press; 3 total super sets 15 front raises per arm (30 total for one set).  For smith machine: first set 15, second set 12, third set 10 reps.  Go up in weight for each smith machine set. 
  • Lateral Raise with dumbbells, super set with barbell upright row; 3 total super sets.  15 lateral raises.  15,12,10 upright rows.  Up your weight with each set of rows.
  • Rear Delts with dumbbells, super set with Arnold Press; 3 super sets, 15 reps each 
  • Finish with 3 sets of cable crazy 8’s: 8 front raises each arm, 8 lateral raises each arm, 8 rear delt each arm (do this with no pause or rest between each movement = one set)

Finish with 3 ab or calf exercises. 




Todays Workout: Biceps / Triceps


imageTrained arms today (biceps and triceps) and wanted to share with everyone what I did!

***Stretch and warm up entire body with a foam roller for 10-15 minutes***

  •  Straight bar bicep curl superset with cable rope triceps extensions (4 sets 10-12 reps)
  •  Preacher curls superset with skull crushers (3 sets: 15 reps for first superset, 12 reps for second superset upping weight, 8-10 reps for third superset upping weight)
  •  Dumbell alternating bicep curls superset with overhead dumbbell triceps extensions (3 sets: 20 reps first set, 15 reps second set upping weight, 12 reps third set upping weight) –For the alternating bicep curls 20 reps means 20 reps per arm… so a total of 40 reps–
  •  Cable bicep curls with ropes 3 drop sets then 1 burnout set to failure –For drop sets: drop weight 3 times for each set, trying for 10-12 reps for each–

I finished my training session with:

  •  side bends on the hyperextension machine (no weight) 3 sets of 25 on each side superset with bodyweight lunges (30 lunges total for each set)
  • Cable ab crunches 3 sets of 15 reps

I would love to hear feedback from anyone following or trying these workouts!  I’d also love to hear your favorite routines and movements as well!


Jenna Renee

todays leg workout


Just had an awesome leg workout and wanted to share what I did because I am already sore and it feels SO good!


Leg extensions: 3 drop sets (3 weight drops on each set)

Deep Squats: 4 sets all the way down (this means LIGHTER weight than you would do with regular squats) 15 reps

Leg press: 2 sets wide with toes out and 2 sets about shoulder width apart 12-15 reps each (you can super set these)

Romanian Deadlift: 4 sets 15 reps (as you go up in weight your reps may vary)

Leg curls: 3 Drop sets (3 weight drops on each set)


and if you havent had enough finish with this circuit (this is great for the glutes!):

[box jumps 15 reps, bodyweight lunges 20 each leg, cable glute kickbacks 15 each leg]   x3

then adductor superset with abductors 15 sets each as heavy as you can go!


Then just make sure to go home, get in a good complex carb/protein meal or shake and enjoy that jello feeling in your legs 😉


Jenna Renee