todays leg workout


Just had an awesome leg workout and wanted to share what I did because I am already sore and it feels SO good!


Leg extensions: 3 drop sets (3 weight drops on each set)

Deep Squats: 4 sets all the way down (this means LIGHTER weight than you would do with regular squats) 15 reps

Leg press: 2 sets wide with toes out and 2 sets about shoulder width apart 12-15 reps each (you can super set these)

Romanian Deadlift: 4 sets 15 reps (as you go up in weight your reps may vary)

Leg curls: 3 Drop sets (3 weight drops on each set)


and if you havent had enough finish with this circuit (this is great for the glutes!):

[box jumps 15 reps, bodyweight lunges 20 each leg, cable glute kickbacks 15 each leg]   x3

then adductor superset with abductors 15 sets each as heavy as you can go!


Then just make sure to go home, get in a good complex carb/protein meal or shake and enjoy that jello feeling in your legs 😉


Jenna Renee