My Shoulder Workout




Trained shoulders yesterday and arms today.  I’ve already posted my arm workout so I’ll just post what I did yesterday for shoulders 😉

  • Front Raise with dumbbells, super set with smith machine press; 3 total super sets 15 front raises per arm (30 total for one set).  For smith machine: first set 15, second set 12, third set 10 reps.  Go up in weight for each smith machine set. 
  • Lateral Raise with dumbbells, super set with barbell upright row; 3 total super sets.  15 lateral raises.  15,12,10 upright rows.  Up your weight with each set of rows.
  • Rear Delts with dumbbells, super set with Arnold Press; 3 super sets, 15 reps each 
  • Finish with 3 sets of cable crazy 8’s: 8 front raises each arm, 8 lateral raises each arm, 8 rear delt each arm (do this with no pause or rest between each movement = one set)

Finish with 3 ab or calf exercises. 




2 thoughts on “My Shoulder Workout

  1. Marla

    Hi Jenna!
    I just wanted to say thankyou for posting your workouts!
    I just did your shoulder workout, and omg, it was awesome! Supersetting is a newer thing ive started doing after reading your workouts and seeing that is how you structure your workouts. The crazy 8s at the end really burned me out! (I love the arnold presses by the way).
    I follow you on fb, instagram, here, etc. and I just want to thank you for the constant motivation. You make me a better ME!
    God bless you.


  2. Marla

    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post your workouts and nutrition! I follow you on fb, instagram, etc. and I always love seeing your new blog posts! Thank you for all the motivation, inspiration, and sharing your knowledge. You have absolutely no idea how much you really change people lives. You make me a BETTER me!
    I completed this workout, and wow! it was killer! I love the “crazy 8” at the end. Is that something you came up with on your own? And do you recommend incorporating the same structure at the end of other workouts?
    Thanks again Jenna!

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