todays leg workout


Just had an awesome leg workout and wanted to share what I did because I am already sore and it feels SO good!


Leg extensions: 3 drop sets (3 weight drops on each set)

Deep Squats: 4 sets all the way down (this means LIGHTER weight than you would do with regular squats) 15 reps

Leg press: 2 sets wide with toes out and 2 sets about shoulder width apart 12-15 reps each (you can super set these)

Romanian Deadlift: 4 sets 15 reps (as you go up in weight your reps may vary)

Leg curls: 3 Drop sets (3 weight drops on each set)


and if you havent had enough finish with this circuit (this is great for the glutes!):

[box jumps 15 reps, bodyweight lunges 20 each leg, cable glute kickbacks 15 each leg]   x3

then adductor superset with abductors 15 sets each as heavy as you can go!


Then just make sure to go home, get in a good complex carb/protein meal or shake and enjoy that jello feeling in your legs 😉


Jenna Renee 



9 thoughts on “todays leg workout

  1. Cara

    Hi Jenna! You are a huge inspiration for me to go workout, I appreciate how honest you are about things! I am pretty new to working out and lifting weights, and I am just curious what a superset is? Thank you! 🙂

    • Hey Cara! thanks so much 🙂 A superset is when you do two different exercises, one right after the other with no rest in between. For example, on my leg routine for the leg presses–to superset you would do this: 10 leg presses with your feet together straight into 10 leg presses with your legs apart (and that would count as one superset). Supersets are a great way to burn fat while increasing muscle mass, and also adds intensity to your routine. xoxo -Jenna

  2. Mia

    Jenna, man. i mean WOman, this blog is awesome. ive been following some other fitness women however they don’t give the same motivation as you do. Photos of themselves and inspirational quotes are great but POSTING routines is AMAZING. I have been building for a year now, nothing too serious. I just LOVE the feeling and the PROCESS and RESULTS….last night I followed this LEG workout and today I’ve caught myself ou-ing and ow-ing every time I sit down LOL. Im loading up on some fuel as I write this (brown rice cake w layer of almond butter and top layer of cottage cheese) and gonna go rip your BI/TRI workout. Thanks so much for sharing. Its exactly what I have been looking for: a beautiful physical inspiration and her steps to achieving such greatness. PLEASE continue posting your workouts……and KNOW that when you DO, girls like me are DOING THEM TOO 🙂

  3. Kristen

    Hi Jenna,
    I love all of your posts! I’m really trying to take my fitness to the next level and have been following you and your workouts. I’m curious how cardio fits in your routine. Do you do regular cardio? If so, how often?
    Thanks for all your inspiration!
    xo Kristen

    • Hey Kristen, Thank you 🙂
      Usually I try to break my workouts up into 2 different sessions during the day. I do weights in the morning, and a few hours later go back and do my cardio (usually around 8 so I can dodge the 5:00 power hour lol) For cardio in the mornings I will do 30 minutes on the step mill or 30 minutes of sprint intervals. If I cant make it to the gym twice a day for some reason then I will either do 20-30 minute sprint intervals after my workout, or I will add them into my routine between sets. (do a set of your weights and then sprint for 60-80 seconds on the treadmill). I prefer sprinting at an incline to help build my glutes however if you do this, just be careful with your knees…mine tend to get pretty sore if I do this too often.

      • Kristen

        Awesome!! Thanks Jenna, you have seriously inspired me so much!! I follow you and SO appreciate all of your postings. I hope to get the opportunity to be a fitness model one day, that’s my dream. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! xoxo 🙂

  4. Emily

    Thank you for posting workout routines!! It is so helpful to see the specifics. I was wondering if you ever do low rep, higher weight strength sets? Or if you recommend doing more of the higher rep sets? Rep ranges are one of the big things I am confused about when it comes to workouts. Thanks for being a huge inspiration for attaining a healthy, strong, feminine body!! 🙂


    • Hey Emily, depending on my schedule I try to switch it up as often as possible. When I am weeks out from a photo shoot or event I stick with the lower (not too low) and higher reps, which helps with fat burning. It also allows me to eat lower carbs than I normally would because less weight is less strain on your body while trying to achieve a lean “photo shoot or competition ready” appearance. When I am focusing more on muscle building I will up my weight and lower my reps, while adding more carbs/fat calories to my diet. Hope this helped, thanks for writing! 🙂


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